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Synthetic Memories:
  • it stands for short memories,
  • it stands for artificial memories,
  • it stands for artificial short object (as a game book)
  • it stands for artificial object of memory to keep inside syntethic stories
  • The concept of Synthetic Memories VS Historic Memories

  • Historic Memory is unyielding on its stories because it has one story only and because the historic path is immovable. It has one start, one story and one end it comes from a real experience of living. In the other hand the synthetic memories are artificial stories, so it doesn't come from a real experience, it hasn't one immovable path so when a reader speak about the synthetic memories, he has to do the right thing on using only the informations you have it, in this particular reading moment, so you know what I mean.

  • The Synthetic Memories format.

  • The concept of the synhtetic memories usually stay inside lots of container & format; For example take a look inside the software games (object memories with special rules on running the applications), Same story inside a game book or "twilight zone stories" or lots of things like that. Synhtetic Memories IMHO can follow lots of rules with different output:

    quite similar output it means that you can learn lots of thing from the synthetic memories, because they offer a quite similar results on managing lots of events as they coming into an odd on going situation

    not similar output it means that you can't learn from this kind of knwoledge, because they offer a false or completly wrong output just on trying to manage lots of events as they coming into an odd on going situation

  • Synthetic Memories and the game book format.

  • The game book is quite useful format to stuff historic memories and lots more. You can build many different paths of lots of event and in the other hand you can put in the middle of a story the reader. Reader have to do the right thing, simply on choicing his storypath in his reading. So, it's important to follow some rules:

      1-the reader is inside the book and it is the main actor of the story, he has to do simply the right thing.

      2-it should be necessary that the reader is honest, do not hack the story path on lurking inside the book in the next pages.

      3-the narration must be short, synthetic not boring, you don't have to read too many pages, before on doing the right thing.

      4-the narration and all the stories have to follow a quite similar output on speaking about the scenarios and the big picture.

      5-nice and smart moments into the game book must be more important and more huge than bad times or tremendous situations (in the other hand the writer should have the cool skill to fill in this kind of written emotions on reading the book)

    so IMHO there are Synthetic Memories and interactivity on reading a new kind of infotainement stuff.

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