Les Moulins is still closed!, it's the 17:30 and D3-Exit is not open!!

There is a big delay for the main Exit-D3 all the operations on omaha beach are more complex than landing plan. It's more difficult to go inland, so troops, tanks and veichles can't go inland throught D3. Also OVERLORD is in danger, because the main exit for omaha beach is still closed and all inland operations on this beach are less than landing plan usually preview. American target for omaha beach aren't clear, nazys are still operative and all the operations have got a strong delay. The main risk for american troops is nazys armoured divisions reach the american beaches. Between SWORD/JUNO around Caen it is a great battle to stop nazys panzers. Allied Air forces start an heavy bombing actions on CAEN-BAYEUX but this space is still empty because american troops on the omaha beach are still stopped in Les Moulins.

DOG THREE Exit it will open after a strongest delay about 20:00!!! than landing plan. Only a few percent of troops, materials, veichles download on omaha beach because the main exit D3 were an heavy strong point.

Here you are the photos about the heavy sea walls and nazy's barriers

In this photos here you are Les Moulins when it is clear. Troops are landing in fast and security way to go inland to fight nazys. At the end of August 1944 the same exit with an air-point of view on DOG THREE andEASY ONE they are opened and clear with a small harbour running.

On the right you can see also a small airport, it needs for the tactical air fighters and air-support, it was necessaru also to take away heavy wounded troops in faster way.
The day after the D-Day landing, there were also some nurses on the OMAHA BEACH

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